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Real Name


First Appearance

Silver Streak Comics #1 (Dec 1939)

Original Publisher

Lev Gleason

Created by

Jack Cole

Golden Age Origin

Ricca was a Mid-Pacific island nation that acts as a port of rest for many vessels, because it is near a number of important trade routes. The demonic Claw was an absolute ruler of the island. He had a great castle on top of the island's tallest peak. The castle overlooks a number of small villages.

The Claw maintained order using a mystical jewel that amplified his telepathic abilities. He used his powers to create an elaborate system of rewards and punishments. The subjects that pleased him received vivid, euphoric dreams, while the subjects that displeased him were plagued with equally vivid nightmares. The jewel also allowed him to monitor his subjects' thoughts and curtail dissent before it got out of control.

The Claw was eventuallly forced off Ricca, and when a pair of American adventurers stole the jewel, he lost control of his subjects. What happened to Ricca afterwards is unknown.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Silver Streak Comics #1, 2

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