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Rick Evans

Real Name

Richard "Rick" Evans

First Appearance

All Good Comics (1944)

Original Publisher


Created by

Unknown (as Stan Ford)

Golden Age Origin


The Rocket Ship.

Rick Evans was a young space explorer who lived in Future City. He commanded his own rocketship and saved the Earth and other planets from evil plots. He was accompanied by a beautiful girl named Professor Astra who served as navigator and their goofy young assistant, Stringbean. They confronted a wide range of alien threats including Xako, the scaly six-armed Martian named Lugo and the Volutans, among others.

Rick was an ace pilot and skilled with his fists, but he generally didn't carry any kind of offensive weapons, nor did his ship appear to be equiped with any.


The Crew: Rick, Astra and Stringbean.

Golden Age Appearances

  • All Good Comics (1944)
  • Everybody's Comics (1944)
  • All Great Comics (1945)
  • The Green Mask vol. 1 #11, vol. 2 #2, 3, 5
  • All Good Comics #1
  • Zoot Comics #8

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