The Ripper

Real Name

Jack Samuels

First Appearance

Hell-Rider #2 (1971)

Original Publisher


Created by

Gary Friedrich, Ross Andru, & Mike Esposito


Jack Samuels hated his brother, Selwyn, a famous club owner and chemist. To get revenge on him he injected himself with a concentrated dose of Q-47, the formula Selwyn had been working on, which was the same drug that gave Hell-Rider his strength. The drug transformed him into a sub-human beast man. Jack began targeting the female employees at Selwyn's Nightowl Club and was dubbed The Ripper by the press. He was stopped and killed by Hell-Rider.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Hell Rider #2


  • Skywald did not include a proper copyright notice on its issues of Hell-Rider (it did not consist of the word "copyright"/the symbol for copyright followed by the year of publication and the name of the copyright holders) and thus, because of copyright law at the time, became public domain upon release.
  • The Hell-Rider issues were mature-audience magazines not covered by comic books' Comics Code Authority.

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