The Robbing Robot

Real Name

Robbing Robot

First Appearance

Phantom Lady vol. 1 #22 (1949)

Original Publisher


Created by

Gregory Page


The Robbing Robot was a robot created by the criminal called the Dome that was an analytical "thinking machine". Information could be fed into its mouth on pieces of paper and detailed plans would be returned through a slot in its chest. the Dome used these plans to commit various crimes baffling the police. The robot could also be used as a weapon with the twist of a knob on its chest. When Phantom Lady confronted the Dome in his hideout he used the robot to attack her. Despite the robot being mechanical it was affected by the Phantom Lady's black ray and its wiring was cross circuited causing it to turn on its creator.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Phantom Lady vol.1 #22

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