Robin Hood

Real Name

Dr. Fairbanks

First Appearance

Green Hornet Comics #7 (June 1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

S. M. Iger, Pierce Rice, & Louis Cazeneuve

Golden Age Origin

Dr. Fairbanks, a famous, young surgeon, dons the guise of a "modern Robin Hood", and sets out to strike terror in the hearts of the wicked, and bring hope to poor and the wronged! He recruits his trusted valet Tuck, and and his new-found friend "Big John" Sherwood to serve as "Merry Men", with whom he entrusts his secret identity. Dr. Fairbank's nurse, Elaine Barton, has an unspoken attraction to Robin Hood, and is unaware that the daring hero and the good doctor, are one and the same.

Powers and Abilities

As Robin Hood, Dr. Fairbanks exhibited expert marksmanship with a bow and arrow, and proficiency in hand-to-hand fighting. He also displayed a fair degree of agility and athleticism, and is a strong swimmer.

He used these skills to thwart gangs running protection rackets, to stop saboteurs, and to bust blackmailers. Most notably, The Ratsel Gang, The Four Spots, The Ape, and The Rossi Gang.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Green Hornet Comics #7-10

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