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Rocket Boy

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Rocket Boy

Real Name

Billy Wood

First Appearance

Scoop Comics #2 (Jan. 1942)

Original Publisher

Harry A Chesler

Created by


Golden Age Origin Edit

Young Billy Wood received a jetpack through unknown means. Using his jetpack to fly and fight crime as Rocket Boy, Billy also used it to search for his missing father. After escaping being kidnapped and fighting off natives, Rocket Boy discovered his father was being held captive by Ed Stevens, who wanted to know the location of a diamond mine. When Rocket Boy came to his father's rescue, Stevens released a lion to kill them. Billy tied up the lion and saved his father's life. Billy had no superpowers save for flying with his jetpack.

Golden Age Appearances Edit

  • Scoop Comics #2-3
  • Major Victory Comics #3
  • Punch Comics #12

Notes Edit

  • Although many sites claim that Rocket Boy was a sidekick to Rocket Man and Rocketgirl (and even that Rocket Boy received his jetpack from Rocket Man), Rocket Boy and Rocket Man were never shown on panel together or even appeared in the same story.

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