Rocket Kelly

Real Name

Captain Patrick Kelly

First Appearance

Bouncer #10 (1944)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ted Small

Golden Age Origin

Patrick Kelly was originally an ace fighter pilot in World War II who fought in the Pacific Theater under General Stilwell, as a member of the Avenger Corp. He was from Brooklyn. He was later transported to the future, where he explored the galaxy and continued to defend freedom as a rocket pilot. He was called to another planet where he became the Keeper of the Flame of Democracy, the flame being a mystic energy felt by the free people of the universe. Kelly was accompanied on his adventures by his World War II gunner Punchy (originally called Whacky) who was a former Brooklyn cab driver, and a beautiful nurse named Sue Andrews (she was later replaced by a girl named Diana). Kelly's enemies included Indus, Vengo and Diablo, who was determined to extinguish the Flame of Democracy.

Kelly's private rocket ship was armed with a variety of weapons and could accommodate at least three passengers.

Golden Age Appearances

  • The Bouncer #10-14
  • Everybody's Comics (1944)
  • Rocket Kelly (1944)
  • The Green Mask #10
  • All Great Comics (1945)
  • Book of All-Comics (1945)
  • Rocket Kelly #1-5
  • Tegra #1
  • Blue Beetle #19

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