Rocket Riley

Real Name

Rocket Riley

First Appearance

Rocket Comics #1 (1940)

Original Publisher


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Golden Age Origin

Rocket Riley was the assistant and rocket pilot for Professor Sterling who was the father of Riley's fiancee Griselda Sterling. The Professor was creating experimental rocket ships powered by atomic energy that could not be allowed to fall into enemy hands such as Von Strangle, a spy ring master. Von Strangle attempts with his henchmen Sam Yacco to take the rocket while the professor gave Riley and Griselda a tour of the ship. However during the struggle, the rocket was launched into space and pulled into the gravitational pull of another planet. The crew managed to land the ship safely, but they are attacked by Octopus Men. The aliens kill Yacco and pursue the others latching on to the rocket as it flew away. Riley fought and killed the Octopus Men on the ship using his knife and ice gun.

After escaping the planet of the Ocotpus Men, Rocket Riley and company arrived on Saturn where the professor was forced by its king, Divalo, to build a fleet of rocket ships to invade Earth. Riley and Griselda are captured and thrown into the dungeons. Rocket Riley escaped his cell only to be thrown into the pits of the damned to fight a pythocra, a fierce purple dinosaur-like monster.

After Riley defeated the beast, he found Griselda and the Professor and escaped to their ship. Unfortunately, the rocket crashed into the river when hit by a cannon and sinks. Riley was separated from the rest of the group and was attacked by Shark Men. He fought the Shark Men and was re-united with Griselda, but as they escaped they were confronted by Divalo's men. Rocket Riley caught them off guard, took their horned steed, and escaped to their ship. Griselda and Riley then sped off to find Professor Sterling from Dvialo's clutches.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Rocket Comics #1-3

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