Real Name

Doris Dalton

First Appearance

Scoop Comics #1 (1941)

Original Publisher

Harry 'A' Chesler

Created by



Doris Dalton was the fiancée of Cal Martin, an inventor and adventurer. Cal created a "three-cartridge rocket pack" for himself and Doris. Using their jetpacks, they fought crime and the Nazis as Rocket Man and Rocketgirl. They had no powers but could fly with the help of their jetpacks.

Their enemies included Killer Craci, the Purple Peril, Mr. Death.

Powers and Abilities

They had no powers but could fly with the help of their jetpacks.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Scoop Comics #1-3
  • Punch Comics #9-22
  • Red Seal Comics #22
  • Hello Pal Comics #1


  • Although many sites claim that Rocket Boy was a sidekick to Rocketman and Rocketgirl, Rocket Boy and Rocketman were never shown on panel together or even appeared in the same story.y.
  • Rocket Man's superhero identity would switch back and forth from Rocket Man to Rocket-Man to Rocketman however, both his first and last appearances had him solidly as Rocket Man. Alternatively, Rocketgirl was always one word and Rocket Boy was always two.
  • When reprinted by St. John Publications, Rocket Man was renamed as Zip-Jet and Rocketgirl was never given a code-name other than being referred to as the "Zip-Jet Doll" by some thugs. Their costumes were colored differently and their names were changed to "Tech" Carson and Pat Dale.
  • When re-printed by Bell Features, Rocket Man was renamed Jetman but, Rocketgirl was never given a name.

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