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Roland was the lord of the Breton March, a Frankish military commander loyal to King Charlemange of France. Roland and "The Twelve Peers" (or, the Paladins, as they were otherwise called) were elite Christian warriors who helped Charlemange defend Europe against the invading forces of the Saracens. They fought many enemies together, including a number of giants. Roland had many adventures and, for a time, pursued the love of Angelica, a pagan princess from the far east.

Oliver, another paladin of the Twelve Peers was Roland's best friend. Roland eventually became engaged to Oliver's sister, Aude, without Oliver's permission, but the two never married, as Oliver and Roland both died during the retreat from the Battle of Roncevaux Pass.

Roland was one of the greatest warriors of his time. He carried Olifant, a signalling horn, and Durendal, an unbreakable sword, enchanted by various Christian relics. He rode a swift and powerful horse named Veillantif.


Roland signaling with Oliphant.

Golden Age Comic Appearances

Young Heroes #35

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