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Snow-White and Rose-Red

Original Publisher

German Folklore

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Rose-Red is a character in the "Snow-White and Rose-Red" story, recorded by the Brothers Grimm. She is the sister of Snow White. Of the two, Rose-Red is portrayed as the more rambunctious of the two devoted sisters, associated with the summer as Snow-White is with the winter.

The story of Rose-Red and Snow-White features evil dwarves and a bear who becomes a prince. Snow-White marries this prince, and Rose-Red marries his brother. The story also features a kindly mother who tells the two sisters that they must share between the two of them all that they have.


Although most believe that the Snow-White contained in this story is a different character than the one who appears in other tales, there is no solid evidence to confirm this (other than this Snow-White having a hyphen and the other one not). With the original author of this tale being lost to time, no one will ever know the true intention of this Snow-White's origin versus the other one.

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  • Fairy Tale Parade #2

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