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Rough & Tumble
Rough sm
Tumble not pictured.

Real Names

Tobey Herring & Judy Deese

First Appearance

March 14, 2011

Original Publisher

Heroes and Henchmen

Created by



Tobey Herring was the star quarterback on his high school football team until an injury permanently sidelined him.

Judy Deese was a star cheerleader for her high school football team until an exchange student arrived and began to outshine her in every capacity.

Together, they eventually fell into the dark arts and attempted to summon a demonic entity for personal gain.

Upon achieving this feat, Tobey and Judy asked for the means to take out their respective school rivals. The entity imbued the couple with nigh-invulnerability. Tobey also received enhanced strength while Judy received enhanced speed.

The down side to this deal was that Tobey and Judy were left looking inhuman with stark white flesh and blackened eyeballs, not unlike their school mascot "The Fighting Phantom."

Though the couple took revenge on their respective rivals, they knew that their appearance would now keep them from ever returning to their normal lives. They made a pact to fake their own deaths by driving off of make-out plateau, and went underground.

Now known as Rough, Tobey dons custom football garb and commits crimes alongside his high-school sweetheart, Tough. Rough is incredibly dim-witted, but makes up for it by being almost impossible to stop and capable of charging through solid concrete. Judy is incredibly vein, but makes up for it by being almost impossible to stop and capable of moving at incredible speeds.

They regularly come into conflict with Blacklist.

Powers and ABilities


  • Excellent football skills.
  • Impervious to damage, enhanced strength.


  • Excellent acrobatic skills.
  • Impervious to damage, enhanced speed.



  • Stupidity.


  • Vanity.


Rough & Tumble are Creative Commons characters. The license covering these characters essentially states that ANYONE can use it for ANYTHING as long as it meets the following criteria:

  • It gives credit to the heroes and henchmen site.
  • It's non-profit (Exceptions can be made for indie comics if premission is attained beforehand).
  • Others can use your changes if they so choose.

The displayed image has been declared public domain to give creators a starting point.

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