Royal Blue
Royal blue

Real Name

Daniel Hetherington

First Appearance

February, 2010

Created by

Joshua Thorn from WV 26588


Royal Blue is a British citizen named Daniel Hetherington and former soldier for hire. His hideout is an old warehouse that he manages to buy with the money that he was paid as a thug for hire. He has a motorcycle that he uses and several gadgets that he used as a soldier.

One day a man comes to hire Daniel for a heist that he needs some brawn. (This man would become Royal Blues arch enemy later in his life as a crime fighter.) During the heist which was to hijack dangerous chemicals Daniel accidentally spills open a vile of the chemicals and splashes them in his face. The chemicals eat away at his face and he starts to run away. While in agony he grabs a blue face mask had been using as to not draw attention to himself while he runs away from his fellow hijackers. After he escapes them he finds himself at an abandoned ware house. Its here that he discovers that the chemical that he was to help steal have given him above average strength, speed, and hearing. He then vows to fight crime from that day on.


  • Royal Blue is an open source character created by Joshua Thorn and can be used for anyone use as long as the following is listed in the credits. "The character of Royal Blue is available for use by anyone, with only three conditions. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Royal Blue, in order that others may use this property as they wish."
  • Also, the creator of Royal Blue demands that his name also be mentioned as the creator of Royal Blue and that he's from WV 26588.