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Royal Family of Crime
Stogie, Cheroot, Upsweep

Real Name


First Appearance

All Top Comics #1 (1944 one shot)

Original Publisher

Fox Feature Syndicate

Created by

A.C. Hollingsworth [as Alec Hope]


"Capt. V" is the first hero name used by Alan Dale, later known as the Puppeteer. In his first appearance, he was challenged by the Royal Family of Crime:

"Once again, Alan Dale has to leave his peaceful puppet shop and don the colorful costume of Capt. V challenger of all things evil!"

"For now, arising to cast their unique shadows from the land of crime is a family of cunning twisted thoughts whose incredible scheme is to become the first royal family of worldwide destruction! Quietly now, not a word to meet for the first time, Stogie, the father and his equally infamous offspring Cheroot and Upsweep."

From that introduction, the following panel shows Stogie, a stout, balding man in a suit smoking a cigar, who is saying, "The only man who stands in our way is Capt. V!"

Upsweep, a beautiful woman seated near where Stogie is standing on the deck of an opulent "penthouse on the West Coast", states, "And I am the only woman who can remove him!

Cheroot, a gaunt, bald man, looking over a bannister at the next building with a cheroot cigar unsurprisingly in his lips, replies, "I admit you're beautiful Upsweep! But Capt. V isn't easily trapped, besides only Ed Riley knows how to get in touch with him!"

Reporter Ed Riley, is the only one who knows Dale is Capt. V. Ed tells Alan that he and Capt. V (Alan) have an invitation to a swank party at Movieland to benefit the Red Cross. Alan says he can't go, sending a Capt. V puppet Riley instead. The puppet is to be auctioned off to raise funds for the charity.

The crime family headed by Stogie are disappointed Capt. V didn't show up, instead planning to steal the proceeds from the Red Cross benefit. While the trio discuss the matter, the hidden microphone-and-transmitter inside the puppet secretly transmits the conversation to Alan Dale. Alan Dale plays the "mighty notes" on his organ to transform him into Capt. V. Capt. V uses his "V.beam" to travel at light speed to Movieland.

At the auction, Stogie sends three costumed henchmen, a clown, a devil, and a native, to rob the party's attendees. Lionel Lancelot, film lead, stands with famed actress Sally Stareyes. Sally is taken captive when she asks the armed robbers to not take the funds intended to benefit the Red Cross.

Capt. V appears, and is hounded by autograph hunters, escaping by flying over some elephants used to act in films. After breaking through a log barricade for a film set, he catches up to the robbers. They shoot their pistols at him to no great effect.

As the fight ensues, a film director and cameraman begin shooting footage. Capt. V is distracted, one of the criminals attempts to use a snowplow used for a film to push Capt. V, the cameraman, and the director into a pit of live crocodiles. Capt. V defeats the crocodiles, the director berating the cameraman for ruining the camera.

Stogie sends Upsweep to trick Capt. V by using her attractiveness and her affections. Capt. V is subdued by a knockout vapor emanating from Upstart's hair and he passes out. The trio of villains use a studio truck to carry the unconscious Capt. V to the Golden Gate Bridge, planning to destroy it and the hero, and add to their fame and recruit other crooks to their gang.

They hang Capt. V from the bottom of the bridge as a parade of children celebrating Democracy begins over the bridge as Ed Riley and look on. Capt. V awakenings to the sound of the marching juveniles. He struggles to free himself while Stogie, Upsweep, and Cheroot ride in a tugboat plan to remotely blow up the explosives tied between Capt. V's feet, killing him and destroying the bridge in one fell swoop.

The bomb explodes moments after Capt. V breaks free and falls into the water. The criminals are pleased to have destroyed Capt. V, though they missed the destruction of the bridge as their secondary objective.

Capt. V quickly captures the criminals, causing the children in the democracy march to cheer the victory. Stogie, Upstart, and Cheroot are led away by a police officer.

Powers and Abilities

No powers are displayed among the group, although Upstart does use a 'knockout vapor' from her hair. Stogie is the criminal mastermind. Cheroot is the muscle.

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