Rupe Whoop

Real Name

Rupe Whoop

First Appearance

Weird Tales of the Future #2 (June 1952)

Original Publisher

Key Publications

Created by

Basil Wolverton


Jumpin' Jupiter lives on the small Asteroid No380-B. He owns and operates a business providing a variety of services, including "stuff delivered, errands run, star gazed, vacuum bottles filled (with vacuum)".

Jumpin' Jupiter is called upon by Rupe Whoop of the Sloopgoop Soup Company utilizing "Earth's most powerful transmitter". Jumpin' Jupiter receives the signal with his "magnetic ears" on his personal wavelength.

Rupe asks Jumpin' Jupiter to look for an interplanetary market for the company's soup, as it is suffering from lackluster sales on Earth.

Powers and Abilities

Rupe Whoop can extend his neck unnaturally. It is unclear if this has any practical use aside from garnering attention from others.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Weird Tales of the Future #2

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