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Real Name


First Appearance

U.S.A. Comics #1 (Aug. 1941)

Original Publisher

Timely Comics

Created by

Charles Nicholas


Not much is known about the young boy named Rusty. He appeared to be the company mascot for an unidentified United States Army outfit active during World War II. He was close friends with soldier Don Stevens, acting as Stevens' sidekick when he operated as the costumed hero named the Defender. The origins behind their double identities remain unrevealed. More interesting is the fact that Rusty's true name is unknown and nobody has made a connection to his civilian identity and that of his costumed persona.

In early 1941, Rusty aided the Defender in stopping a human smuggling operation ran by Nazi agent Dame Kackle. Later that year, Rusty aided his partner in exposing J.P. Evans as a Nazi sympathizer and traitor to his country by aiding in weapons smuggling between the US and Mexican boarder. Rusty's life was at stake when the circus strong man named Oldow began transforming into a monstrous form in the early days of 1942. Capturing Rusty, Oldow almost succeeded in throwing the boy off a cliff. Rusty was saved by the Defender who tossed Oldow off a cliff. In his last recorded appearance, in the spring of 1942, Rusty helped the Defender bring down the criminal named the Fog.

Public Domain Appearances

  • U.S.A. Comics #1-4


  • Rusty is in the public domain as his only four appearances were in the first 4 issues of Atlas' U.S.A. Comics, which were not renewed in their 28th year.
  • Not to be confused with the Holyoke character of the same name.

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