Saber, The Spy Fighter

Real Name


First Appearance

Fight Comics #1 (January, 1940)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Leonard Frank (As Lee)


In the year 1997, Saber was the head of the Super-Intelligence Department of Greater America, a new nation formed of both North and South America as well as numerous Pacific islands that was created after the ruinous war of 1939. Saber was dedicated to protecting the country from its enemies in the early 21st century such as Mongo (rulers of Asia and the Orient), Antartica, Prussmany (rulers of all of Europe and Africa), and Grotonia. Notable enemies from these nations included the Prussan Spy, the Lizard, and Major Duncan.

Saber possessed a super mind, with superhuman intelligence and the ability to read the thoughts of others. He was also a great inventor and created the transformo-ray suit, which enabled him to fly and to turn into a small flying ball of energy. He piloted a variety of futuristic crafts and was an exceptional athlete and fighter.


  • Edited re-prints of Fiction House's Saber, The Spy Fighter from Fight Comics #5 were used for Telo the Mental Wizard's adventures from Captain Flight #3.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Fight Comics (1940 series) #1-16

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