Sally Raft
Sally raft
Agent Sally Raft

Real Name

Sally Raft

First Appearance

All Top Comics #1 (1944 one shot)

Original Publisher

Fox Feature Syndicate

Created by

Sid Tyler


Sally Raft is an FBI agent who aids Johnny Earthquake in stopping a gang of crooks from blowing up the J.S. Diller Dam. On the train to the dam, Sally and Johnny exchange words, especially when Johnny runs into her and knocks her down. It's not until the train is stopped and they begin to pursue the crooks that Sally introduces herself to Johnny and tells him her name and story: "I was sent by the F.B.I to watch for strangers on the train because those workers had to get to Diller Dam! Of course I've been taught the art of self defense! My name's Sally Raft!"


Agent Sally Raft has been trained in the art of self defense.

Golden Age Appearances

All Top Comics #1