Sandra Worth

Real Name

Sandra Worth

First Appearance

Slave Girl Comics #1 (Feb. 1949)

Original Publisher


Created by

Howard Larsen

Golden Age Origin

In the modern day, Sandra Worth meets archaeologist Geoffrey Garth at a party. Geoffrey noticed the ring Sandra was wearing and inquired on how she acquired it. Sandra explained that the ring had been handed down in her family for generations. Geoffrey explained that the ring is actually one of the mystical rings of Zubran from kingdom of Ormuz, Geoffrey also had found one during his expedition and had been looking for its double. The rings were said to be able to allow its possessor to view the past. Geoffry and Sandra decided to test the rings by reading an incantation from an ancient scroll. After reading the incantation, Sandra began to see into the distant past into the life of Malu the Slave Girl and her protector Garth.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Slave Girl Comics #1-2
  • Malu in the Land of Adventure #1 (I.W. Publishing)

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