The Saturlopes

Real Name

The Saturlopes

First Appearance

Space Comics #43 (1953)

Original Publisher

Charlton Comics

Created by

Walter Gibson


Saturlopes are found on the moonlets that compose the rings of Saturn. Spurs Jackson captured one for his Spaceranch in Spaceman's Gulch. The only way to catch a Saturlope is to bump the moonlet it is leaping to out from under it, placing the spaceship beneath to catch it.

Saturlopes eat the mineral rocks of which the moonlets are composed, as there is no other available food source. If there is lot of gold in the Saturlope's teeth, it means he's found a new rich vein of gold.

The Saturlope is better than a mule or pony for drawing ore carts from the goldmine discovered by checking its teeth.

 Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Western #43

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