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Saturn Explorer Craft

Real Name


First Appearance

Space Adventures #26 (Dec. 1958)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Gill, Steve Ditko


Three men left Earth on an exploratory mission in the Saturn Explorer Spacecraft. They return a year later, appearing happy and hale. When questioned by a General as to the weaknesses of the Saturnian people and the possibility of invasion from Earth, the three inform them it is impossible. They say the Saturnians are a peaceful race who live a pleasant Utopian existence. They further explain the Saturnians can create solid objects just by using thought, as one of the astronauts demonstrates by producing an apple in his hand. They say they will not help the General. When the General attempts to confine them, they teleport back to Saturn to live.


The Saturn Explorer travels at 500,000 miles per hour with its "cosmic-energy engines". The journey to Saturn takes 746,000,000 at its nearest point, and 1.2 billion miles at its farthest. The trip would take 62 days (about 2 months) at the furthest point to Earth of 746k miles. At its nearest point, it would take about 100 days, or about 3 and 1/2 months.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Adventures #26

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