The Saving Spirit

Real Name

Bobby Wilson

First Appearance

Adventures into the Unknown #9 (Feb. 1950)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bob Jenney


Bobby Wilson muses about flying as he thinks about his father, who was a pilot of a P-47 who died in the war. A voice continually tells Bobby that he can fly. He sees a dog about to be run over by a firetruck. Turning invisible, he flies out of the second-story window of his house and snatches up the canine before it's run over.

The ghost of Bobby's father appears to him and guides him to incidents where Bobby can save people. People notice the unseen entity, and Bobby is soon dubbed The Saving Spirit in the press. When he reveals his ability to his friends, despite remonstrances to never do so, he tries to rescue a friend who fell off a cliff into he river below. Bobby dives off the cliff into the river below. His father shows up one last time to let Bobby know that Bobby's powers will fail him for revealing the secret. Bobby dies in the river.

Powers and abilities

The Saving Spirit can fly and is invisible to all natural observers. The ghost of his father guides him to places where he is needed.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Adventures into the Unknown #9