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The Scarab
The Scarab

Real Name

Peter Ward

First Appearance

Startling Comics #34 (Jul 1945)

Original Publisher


Created by


Golden Age Bio

Peter Ward is an Egyptologist who discovers he’s the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian priest of the sun god Ra. Given a mystic scarab ring by the cat goddess Bast, Ward rubs the ring and after a flash of lightning and thunder, becomes the Scarab. The ring grants him great powers, and Ward uses them to combat evil and injustice. He is accompanied on his many adventures by an intelligent black cat named Akh-Tu-Men, who is the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian priest.

The Scarab possesses superhuman strength, is bulletproof, and can fly.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Black Terror #20
  • Exciting Comics #42-48
  • Startling Comics #34


  • The Nedor Scarab should not be confused with an original character of the same name in Project Superpowers who is NOT public domain.

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