Scarlet Ace
Scarlet ace pilot

Real Name


First Appearance

Amazing-Man Comics #13 (1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bob Lubbers and John Marsicano

Golden Age Origin

The Scarlet Ace was an aviator who was contacted by The American government to investigate the kidnapping of several pilots from a Louisiana army base. He discovers that the pilots were taken by the villainous Great One, ruler of the floating continent Eurania. The Great One had hypnotized the captive pilots into become his personal air force for world domination.

Scarlet Ace while manages to free the pilots from the Great One's clutches, but the villainnearly gets away. Ace takes to the sky after the him. While trying to gun down the Great One though, Scarlet Ace's gun jams leaving him open to his nemesis's gunfire. Luckily, an air pocket sends the villain into the sea 500 ft. below. After assuring that the kidnapped pilots were safe, the Scarlet Ace then flew off into the sunset and on to his next adventure.
Scarlet ace plane

Scarlet Ace's Plane.

The Scarlet Ace was both a talented pilot and skilled hand-to-hand fighter. He wears conventional flying gear, except its o deep red just like his bi-plane.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Amazing-Man Comics #13

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