Scarlet Ace

Real Name


First Appearance

All Detective Magazine (February, 1933)

Original Publisher

Dell Publishing Company

Created by

Theodore Tinsley


The Scarlet Ace was a brilliant, ruthless and sadistic mastermind who controlled a vast criminal empire. He wore a close fitting blood colored silk hood which hung down over his collar, and had narrow slits for his eyes. He also wore gloves and usually carried a gun. His calling card was the ace of diamonds.

The Scarlet Ace enjoyed setting elaborate and eccentric traps to destroy his foes. Though very clever, he appeared to be insane and frequently chuckled maniacly. He had tremendous resources, a reputation for killing men who failed him and he was greatly feared in the underworld. His stated goal was to rule the United States, as an underworld king.

Under his mask the Scarlet Ace was a hideous man with a large head, gaunt face, wild eyes and black hair. He had a daughter named Zita who was very loyal to him.

After several of his operations were ruined by the vigilante group known as Amusement, Inc, The Scarlet Ace decided to kill the group's members, but the group did their best to find him first. The Scarlet Ace proved to be extremely elusive and was never captured.