Scarlet Arrow

Real Name

Alan Bidell

First Appearance

Black Cat #5 (1947)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bob Powell

Golden Age Origin

Alan Bidell was a rich young man, an all-American full back, and a champion Archer. However, he was also very self-centered and rude. One day, he dreams that one of his ancestors instructs him to make something of himself and fight crime wearing the outfit of a cavalier.

When he awakens, Alan is introduced to his girlfriend Roxanne's English uncle whom Alan believes is a fake. Roxanne is insulted and decides to accept the marriage proposal by Rich Crouchly, Alan's cousin, because she does not want to be with anyone as thoughtless as Alan. Eben Bidell, Alan's grandfather, is about to lecture him about how he should treat Roxanne better when he suddenly finds a threatening letter from the Jingle Man saying that the villain is going to kill him.

Alan decides to don his ancestor's clothes and try to catch the murderer before he strikes again. It turns out that the Jingle Man, a murder who kills with ironic objects associated to the victims occupation, is Roxanne's uncle, and he sends a poisonous snake in a package to kill Eben because the irony is that he is a chemist. Lucky, Alan, now acting as the Scarlet Arrow, shoots an arrow through the box, killing the snake before his grandfather even sees it.

Scarlet Arrow then goes to save Rick, who, because of his gun base fortune, is going to be shot by the Jingle Man. However, the true victim is Roxanne, and the identity of her false uncle is none other than Rick. Rick is killing his deceased father's former partners who sold him out. Roxanne's dead father is the last of them. Rick created the Jingle Man identity in order to throw the police of his trail. Scarlet Arrow pins Rick to the wall with his arrows and leaves him to the police. Roxanne also figures out that Alan must be Scarlet Arrow, since the hero knew Rick was her fiance and she only told Alan about the proposal.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Black Cat #5-6

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