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Scarlet Nemesis
The Scarlet Nemesis socks a evil doer

Real Name

Rocky Ford

First Appearance

All New Short Story Comics #2 (1943)

Original Publisher


Created by

George Tuska

Golden Age Origin

Rocky Ford was a private investigator who solved crimes along with his partner Judy Allen. Unbeknownst to Allen, Ford was secretly a non-powered hero known as Scarlet Nemesis. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Ford, Allen was secretly a costumed hero known as Black Orchid. The two remained oblivious to each others' costumed alter egos.


Their only appearance establishes that, as Scarlet Nemesis and Black Orchid, they teamed up several times before. During the first meeting, they agreed not to investigate each others' secret identities. But, as the end of the story indicates that Ford would like to share his secret with Allen but, for some reason, feels duty-bound not to.

Golden Age Appearance

All New Short Story Comics #2

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