Scarlett Dalton

Real Name

Scarlett Dalton

First Appearance

Adventures into the Unknown #5 (June 1949)

Original Publisher


Created by

Edvard Moritz


Scarlett Dalton is a young woman living in Salem, Massachusetts in the year of 1683. Preparing to wed a man named Hugh Merritt, Scarlett goes to a curio shop to buy him a present. She finds a figurine of a monk-like man, who she thinks fits the bill of what Hugh had said about his liking anything unusual.

When she takes it home, a spirit identical in appearance to the figure takes form. He tells her to not be afraid, and that the figurine will protect her and give her other remarkable abilities. He takes her outside to show her sinister spirits float around, but the man reassures her again that she will be safe as long as she has the figurine.


Traveling to the past, she sees a man who was the subject of an ongoing murder case. She watches as the man was murdered by natives rather than the person accused of murder. After returning, she testifies in the murder trial. When she is asked how she knows about the killing, her father coming to her rescue with an explanation and tells the court she discovered the body while walking in the woods.

She shows the statue to Hugh, who scoffs at her tale. He demands she show him something remarkable. She offers some drawings of airplanes and other items from a future era. He scoffs at her imagination. She takes him to the future, which terrifies Hugh. He demands they return. When she returns them, the villagers are shocked to see them appear through thin air. Hugh, still shaken up, blames Scarlett. She is summarily executed for witchcraft.

Powers and abilities

Scarlett can travel through time, fly, and many other remarkable abilities as long as she has the figurine with her. Scarlett can also see the future and the past.


  • Adventures into the Unknown #5

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