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Scoop Scanlon
Scoop Scanton
Scoop Scanlon

Real Name

"Scoop" Scanlon

First Appearance

Action Comics #1 (1938)

Original Publisher

DC / Holyoke

Created by

Will Ely

Golden Age Origin

"Scoop" Scanlon was an American "Five-Star Reporter" for the Bulletin and later Daily World-Star . Like many investigative reporters in Golden Age comics, he usually wound up solving crimes while investigating stories. He was assisted by Rusty Davis, his best friend and Bulletin photographer.

Scoop and Molly

Scoop and His Girl Molly

The character originally appeared in Action Comics #1 and continued appearing in the series until the 14th issue. The character disappeared from publication until inexplicably reappearing in Holyoke Comics titles six years later, first in Terrific Comics and later in Cat-Man Comics. Two major changes took place between appearances. First, Scoop and Rusty were now working for Daily World-Star. Second, Scoop found a rival and a potential love interest in Molly O'Moore, a reporter who worked for the Chronicle. At first, their relationship was mostly competitive, but they grew closer, officially becoming a couple in Cat-Man Comics #32.

Because of his unusual publication history, Scoop Scalon's legal status is uncertain. Molly O'Moore, on the other hand, is clearly in the public domain.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Action Comics #1-13 (Not PD)
  • Cat-Man Comics #27-32
  • Terrific Comics #2-5


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