Scoot Suit Sammy

Real Name


First Appearance

Kid Eternity #6 (1947)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bart Tumey

Golden Age Origin

Sammy was a youthful good-hearted adolescent who fought crime and had adventures wearing a suit of powered armor created by his inventor uncle. It was given to Sammy by his Uncle because the suit was too small to fit a full-grown man. After learning to fly using his armor, He returned to work at his job as an office boy at the police station. Sammy finds out Detective Dumbull has been fired for not catching the criminal Slippery Elmer and encourages him to go after the criminal by going to Elmer's hideout in Possum Peak. However, Sam decides that he should go with the Scoot Suit and help Dumbull. He then captures Elmer and credits Detective Dumbull so he could get his job back. That night, Sammy tells his Uncle the whole story who encourages him to keep his identity secret.

The Scoot Suit confers the powers of flight, heightened strength, and was made of an indestructible metal.

Golden Age Appearance

  • Kid Eternity #6


Sammy did not pick a super-hero name in his one story. "Scoot Suit Sammy" was the title of the story, but is not a name he used (or would be likely to use, given he was concerned about his secret identity). He did call his suit of armor a "Scoot Suit", however. And the local newspaper called him "Man from Mars"!

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