Scott Stewart, Planet Pilot

Real Name

Scott Stewart

First Appearance

Joke Comics #26 (June/July, 1944)

Original Publisher

Commercial Signs of Canada/Bell Features

Created by

Jerry Lazare


“Scott Stewart, Planet Pilot” jumped into the world of 2054 and the task of an interplanetary pilot to transport Ambassador Fung to Pluto but, after some sabotage, his rocket was forced down on a comet populated by Amazons and lead by a rogue female earth scientist who hatched a plot to set off a planet-ending atomic chain reaction on Earth! Scott foiled the plot and, with the comet exploding in the background, headed off for Pluto.


Scott Stewart, Planet Pilot was one of 8 Lazare creations referred to as orphan “left-overs,” stories that were one-shot “try-outs” or “fillers.”

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