Señorita Marquita

Real Name

Marquita Cortina

First Appearance

Better Comics vol. 6 #1 (Aug/Sept. 1943)

Original Publisher

Maple Leaf Publishing

Created by

Bert Bushell


For being the title character, Señorita Marquita really didn't do anything but stand around watching her love-interest, Romano, arrest thugs that her father, a seedy individual, would just turn around and let loose. Romano then tried to swindle money from her father to buy a house for the two of them to live in but, was unsuccessful. All the while, her father wanted her to pretend to marry an American but, she chose not to go along with it and that was that.

She had a fat sister, Rosita, who was mentioned but, never seen.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Better Comics vol. 6 #1, 7-8


  • The dialogue for all of the characters is written phonetically as though someone with a stereotypical Spanish accent would sound (although it came off as sounding much more stereotypically French). It was so bad that, by today's standards, it wouldn't see print (ex: "I nevair theenk of thot!").

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