Sergeant Canuck

Real Name

Sgt. Canuck

First Appearance

Bing Bang Comics vol. 1 #5 (July/Aug. 1941)

Original Publisher

Maple Leaf Publishing

Created by

Spike Brown


Sgt. Canuck was a sergeant of the British Columbia police who would sporadically appear in Maple Leaf Publishing's Bing Bang Comics.

It is possible he lived in Vancouver, as at least one story had him "travelling to the island to visit Victoria" and give a lecture (Victoria being the capital city of British Columbia and located on Vancouver Island).

Golden Age Appearances

  • Bing Bang Comics
    • vol. 1, #2, 5-7, 9
    • vol. 2, #4-5, 9
    • vol. 3, #29
    • vol. 4, #1

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