Sergeant Canuck

Real Name

Sgt. Canuck

First Appearance

Bing Bang Comics vol. 1 #5 (July/Aug. 1941)

Original Publisher

Maple Leaf Publishing

Created by

Spike Brown


Sgt. Canuck was a sergeant of the British Columbia police who would sporadically appear in Maple Leaf Publishing's Bing Bang Comics.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Bing Bang Comics
    • vol. 1 #2, 5-7, 9
    • vol. 2 #4-5, 9
    • vol. 3 #29
    • vol. 4 #1


  • He must have lived somewhere on BC's mainland, as one story had him "traveling to the island to visit Victoria" for a lecture (Victoria being the capital city of British Columbia and located on Vancouver Island).

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