Shar-La, Queen of Atlantis
Shar-La with Robert Crane

Real Name


First Appearance

Space Adventures #11 (May-June 1954)

Original Publisher


Created by

Seymour Moskowitz


Shar‐La is the queen of Atlantis, “a fantastic city beneath the ocean” that is “encased in a bubble‐like plastic dome,” who has made the daring decision, since shifting ocean currents threaten her society with extinction, to break their centuries‐long tradition of obscuring their existence from the surface world in order to seek their aid.

When United States Navy submarine R-93 dives into the ocean, something goes wrong, and the dive continues down past a safe depth. The submarine begins to fail. Captain Small, Huey, and Robert Crane are rescued by Atlantean Fishmen. Ssil-Il is one of their rescuers, along with two other Fishmen by the names of Lor-Shim and Fen-Ac.

They are taken to the domed city of Atlantis. Shar-La, Queen of the city, greets them. She talks to Crane, informing him the Atlanteans had lost their once advanced technology, and would die in four years if they could not get it working.

The Navy men hook up the atomic engines in the submarine to the sunken city's dynamos and get it running again. Crane falls in love with Shar-La and she with him. She announces her plan to marry Robert to Elder Valyon, who starts a riot to stop the marriage. The rioting causes the city to crumble. Huey and Captain Small leave by an escape constructed by Ssil-Il. Shar-La is not prepared to admit defeat and wants Robert to stay with her. As the city becomes unstable, Robert tries to make her leave with him. She reminds him that she cannot survive on the surface. Robert remains with her as the city is destroyed.

Captain Small and Huey make it to the surface, although they do not think they can make people believe their experiences.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Adventures #11

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