Sheriff Dexter

Real Name

Joe Dexter

First Appearance

Apache Trail #1 (Sept. 1957)

Original Publisher

AB (Farrell)

Created by

Edvard Moritz (?), Jerry Iger


Joe Dexter surprises his wife Debbie when he takes their camper to a secluded ghost town of Salt Flats. While Debbie is resting in the camper, Joe decides to explore the dilapidated town. The ghost of his grandfather, Sheriff Dexter of Salt Flats, appears to Joe to warn him away. Joe ignores the warning, thinking it merely a hallucination.

When two armed robbers show up in Salt Flats to hide out, they lock Joe and Debbie in their trailer. The two gangster are confronted by Sheriff Dexter's ghost, who tells them to get out of town.

Instead, they fire at the ghost, who returns ghostly bullets. The unconscious criminals are discovered by pursuing police the following morning. They don't seem wounded, although they have blue spots in their skin. Likely the marks of ghostly bullets.

Powers and Abilities

The ghost of Sheriff Dexter is incorporeal, and thus immune to bullets and physical attacks. He can appear in translucent form, and can speak. He is a crack shot with pistols.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Apache Trail #1

See Also

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