Sheriff Townley

Real Name

Sheriff Townley

First Appearance

Space Western #40 (1952)

Original Publisher

Charlton Comics, Inc.

Created by

Walter Gibson


Sheriff Townley and Hank Roper see a truck being hijacked with supplies headed for the New Pueblo Dam. Hank sends the Sheriff to continue chasing the bandits as he stays to use his pronounced rope skills to untie the drivers. After releasing the drivers, he catches up with the sheriff. Hank suggests looking in Painted Gulch, the last place the bandits had been seen. Townley thinks Hank is "plumb loco" as they had already canvassed the area.

Undaunted, Hank goes to Painted Gulch. He doesn't see two of the bandits repelling down the cliff face behind him before it's too late. They overpower Hank and tie him up. Their two cohorts atop the cliff begin to haul him up the cliff. Once there, Hank can see a niche in the rock where the bandits are storing their ill-gotten gains.

One of the bandits throws a rope down the cliff-face, expecting the sheriff will use it to ascend when he comes looking for Hank. The bandit is right, and Townley begins to climb the rope. When the sheriff gets to the top, the armed bandits are waiting for him, and rush at him. Townley punches one out while Hank busts loose from his ropes. Another manages to push Townly off the cliff. Just in time, Hank Roper throughs the sheriff a rope, entangling him but saving him from the deadly fall.

Using the rope, Sheriff Townley climbs back up again. Hank Roper has just knocked out what he thinks is the last bandit, saying, "That finishes the last of them!" When the last bandit comes at him from behind with a pistol he missed says, "Yeah? So you think!"

Sheriff Townley kicks the gun out of the bandit's hand as he says, "I'll take that the name of the law!" Hank Roper helps the sheriff tie up the bandits and lower them down the cliff.

 Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Western #40-45

See Also

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