Shlep and Blep of Blyntzyn

Real Name

Blep, Shlep

First Appearance

Amazing Adventures #4 (July-Aug. 1951)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jerry Siegel, Henry Sharp


Shlep and Blep, war scouts for an invasion by the Blyntzyns, create robots to test for their invasion. The Love Robots are to use the power of love against the humans. The male robot is nameed Adonis 2-PX-89. The female is Venus 1-XP-98. Their design is to cause any human of the opposite sex to fall instantly in love with them.

After successfully testing the robots, Shlep and Blep plan to dismantle the pair. A difficulty arises when Adonis and Venus fall in love with each other. They quickly dispatch of Shlep and Blep. The mechanical lovers plan to find an unknown world where they can build their own super-robots and live in love and peace. Adonis and Venus take Shlep and Blep's spacecraft to begin their journey.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Amazing Adventures #4

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