Shock Gibson
Speed Comics -1
Speed Comcis #1

Real Name

Robert Gibson

First Appearance

Speed Comics # 1 (October 1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Maurice Scott

Golden Age Origin

Robert Charles Gibson, a wealthy scientist, was experimenting with electricity and chemicals when a lighting struck his lab. The electric shock caused the lab to expode, but Gibson emerged from the wreckege with a body that could conduct and generate electricity. His friend and a fellow scientist, Dr. Blitzen, pointed out that this power gave him an opportunity to change the world for the better. Swearing to use the power to for the good of humanity, he decided to fight crime as Shock Gibson, the Human Dynamo. In spite of using his surname in his codename, nobody can figure out who he is under the mask. He can generate enough electricity to shock an entire river, weld metal, and even blast through metal walls. He also can fly, has super-strength, and can generate electro-magnetism. Early on, he needed to recharge periodically, but that became less and less necessary in later stories.

For the first half of his crime-fighting career, Shock Gibson embraced the useless weakling playboy cliche in civilian life to allay suspicion. When World War II escalated, he enlisted in the Army, donning his costume when necessary. At first, he tried to maintain the pretense of being weak and useless, but the realities of army life forced him to abandon it.

In Speed Comics #23, Shock Gibson teamed up with Captain Freedom, Black Cat, War Nurse, and Ted Parrish to repel the Japanese attempt to invade Los Angeles. He also teamed up with Captain Freedom and Black Cat in several "Stories Behind the Cover" text stories.

Shock Gibsons 2

Golden Age Appearances

  • Speed Comics #1-11 (Brookwood Publishing Company, Inc.)
  • Speed Comics #12-13 (Speed Publishing Company)
  • Speed Comics #14-44 (Harvey Comics)
  • Green Hornet Fights Crime #37-38
  • Super-Dooper Comics #7-8 (Reprint)
  • All-New Comics #8

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