Signor Renzi

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Fantastic Fears #2 (1953)

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Chasing a petty criminal named Banco through the sewers of Rome, Signor Renzi, Commissioner of Police, hears a scream from the criminal. When Renzi and Pietro, the officer accompanying him, find Banco, the criminal is missing most of his flesh. They get lost in the sewers, and soon find themselves running from the Green Horde, a group of tall, cannibalistic, humanoid, underground dwellers. Sacrificing Pietro's life to save his own, Renzi finds the monsters wish to cut a deal with the commissioner of police. Renzi is to provide the Green Horde with people to eat, while they provide him with a good deal of ill-gotten gains.

He directs the Green Horde to tunnel into the Bank of Rome and steal gold from the vault. He directs them to a displaced persons camp where they eat voraciously. After some years of a comfortable, happy life with his wife and daughter, he decides to retire from the arrangement with the Green Horde. When members of the Horde show up to his home to complain about the lack of humans to eat, he tries to send them away. Instead, they kidnap his family. He goes to the sewer to negotiate their return, only to discover it is too late. The Green Horde has already consumed his wife and daughter. He is next.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Fantastic Fears #2

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