Silent Hills

Real Name

Silent Hills

First Appearance

Lone Eagle #2 (June-July 1954)

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Lone Eagle opposes Silent Hills call to arms against the railroad builders working to lay train tracks over the land. Lone Eagle loses a tribal vote, which means the tribe will go to war. In protest, Lone Eagle defers to lead the war party, giving the reins to Silent Hills.

During the battle, Lone Eagle notes the bullets fired do not harm at Silent Hills in any way. Doing some investigation, Lone Eagle discovers Silent Hills has been paid by the railroad builders to betray the tribe and incite them to violence. When the tribe is informed, it is given to Lone Eagle to decide punishment for Silent Hills. Lone Eagle decides not to kill Silent Hills, which the chieftain of the tribe finds a wise decision.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Lone Eagle #2

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