The Skull

Real Name


First Appearance

Top-Notch Comics #9 (1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Harry Shorten and Al Camy

Golden Age Origin

The Skull was a criminal who framed New York police officer Kip Burland for a crime. Kip was let go from the force, but attempted to clear his name by finding the Skull. Burland finds the Skull after searching for some time and attempts to thwart a robbery of a fur store but ended up being shot eight times and left for dead in the woods by the Skull and his thugs.

Burland however is saved by the Hermit, who was a sheriff in the old west also made an outlaw by the Skull. The Hemrit trains Kip to become the the Black Hood, to clear his name and stop the Skull.

While Black Hood was away Skull went on a crime spree with the law unable to stop him. He decided after reading the paper to attend the masquerade ball of Barbara Sutton which would have the richest socialites in attendance. He sends a message to his attended victims and even puts an ad in the paper which brings it to Kip Burland attention. Kip takes the place of David Seymon, a lawyer and attended victim of the Skull, to attend to the party as Black Hood.

Skull, in disguise as Mrs. Sutton, killed a socialite after stealing her pearls by using a poison that makes her face resemble his. However, Black Hood sees through Skull's disguise after looking over pictures taken at the party and traps him by pushing the Skull into a large vase.

Foiled, the Skull was then turned into the authorities, however the Hermit warns Black Hood that no jail could hold the Skull for long.

The Skull was executed by electric chair and his son, the Son of the Skull took up his former mantle.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Top-Notch Comics # 9-11,18-19, 20-21 (cover only)
  • Jackpot Comics #2, 6


  • Only the golden age MLJ Comics Skull is public domain subsequent versions used by Archie Comics are not.

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