Real Name


First Appearance

Daredevil Comics #5 (November, 1941)

Original Publisher

Lev Gleason

Created by

Charles Biro

Golden Age Origin


The Sniffer was an assassin who worked off and on with the Deadly Dozen. He went to prison after a failed attempt on the life of the hero Daredevil. Later, his services were put to use for the US military. He convinced the other members of the Deadly Dozen to join the Army as well, and later they were all transferred into the marines and sent to the Pacific Theatre during World War II. Sniffer considered himself a patriot and was often at odds with the former Nazi agent, Iron Jaw, who was an occassional ally of the Deadly Dozen.

Sniffer appeared to have a superhuman sense of smell, at least as strong as a bloodhound's, that allowed him to track down anyone in almost any environment. He was short and husky, but physically very strong, capable of holding his own against a professional fighter on the street. While he appeared to be poorly educated and had a heavy Brooklyn accent, he often demonstrated a degree of tactical cunning that put him a step ahead of the average thug. For his physical strength and his clever plotting, he was highly regarded in the ranks of the Deadly Dozen, and may have been an unofficial leader. As an assassin, he carried a handgun with him at all times. In the military, he had access to much more powerful weapons, though he often fought with just his fists.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Daredevil Comics #5, 6, 8-51, 53-54, 56-69
  • Captain Battle Jr. #1
  • Boy Comics #80-83, 85-118

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