Snow Mist
Snow mist

Real Name

Snow Mist

First Appearance

Indian Braves #3 (1951)

Original Publisher

Ace Comics

Created by

Ace Baker


John Thundercloud's romantic intentions directed toward a Sioux woman named Snow Mist, angering Spitting Snake who likewise vied for her attention.

Snow Mist didn't care for Spitting Snake, saying of him, "I hate Spitting Snake! He knows John Thundercloud fears nothing, not even death itself! But because John fights for peace, Spitting Snake mocks him!"

To which her friend replies, "You, too, stand between them, Snow Mist! Spitting Snake is angered that you prefer John Thundercloud to himself! He is mad with jealousy!"

Speaking with Chief Thundercloud later, Snow Mist asks him, "Oh John! Can't you stop wandering and stay home for good?"

John Thundercloud responds, "When I'm not needed to fight injustice, my dear, I shall return to my people and make lovely Snow Mist my squaw!"

Spitting Snake overhears this conversation. He becomes angry at John's position as a leader and his intentions. Spitting Snake gathers some warriors to fight against the U.S. Cavalry due, in part, to his sense of rivalry with Thundercloud for the hand of Snow Mist.


Snow Mist doesn't display any abilities, appearing in only two panels. She appears capable and spirited.

See also

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