Son of the Skull
Son of Skull (Earth-MLJ)

Real Name


First Appearance

Jackpot Comics #6

Original Publisher


Created by

Harry Shorten and Warren King

Golden Age Origin

With his father, the Skull, dead, the Son of the Skull threatened revenge on Sergeant McGinty and Matthew Burland since they were responsible for sending him to the electric chair. He kept his promise by killing off a friend of Kip's and kidnapping his girlfriend, Barbara Sutton.

Beating him to the punch, the Black Hood faked his own death by pretending to die from a train wreck. When Skull, Jr., visited the dead hero in the morgue, he left frustrated, as his foe did not die by his hands. Upset, and thinking he had nothing to loose, he went back to his hideout to kill Barbara immediately. But of course, the Black Hood was not dead, and he followed his enemy in order to save the woman he loved. Sergeant McGinty arrested Skull, Jr. and sent him to prison.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Jackpot Comics #6
  • Top-Notch Laugh Comics #30-31


  • Part of this text was taken from the DC Database with their permission.

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