Sorcerer and his Apprentice
Sorcerer and his Apprentice

Real Name


First Appearance

Red Band Comics #1 (November 1944)

Original Publisher


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Golden Age Origin

The Sorcerer also called the Magus was the most powerful magician in Venice during the 1500s. He took on an apprentice named Joe Djerk as an apprentice. The villainous Borgia wanted revenge on the Sorcerer and his Apprentice for refusing his request to make him invisible. However the Sorcerer outsmarts him.

Powers and Abilities

The Sorcerer was a powerful magician who could cast spells invoking the powers of powerful enties such as Cthulu and Melek Tuas.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Red Band Comics #1-2


  • Like the Disney cartoon The Sorcerer's Apprentice this story is loosely based on the Goethe poem Der Zauberlehrling.

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