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South Sea Girl
Seven Seas Girl
Seven Seas Comics #5

Real Name


First Appearance

Seven Seas Comics #1 (1946)

Original Publisher

Leader Enterprises / Universal Phoenix Features

Created by

Matt Baker

Golden Age Origin

Alani, also known as South Sea Girl, was the ruler and protector of a chain of volcanic tropical islands in the South Pacific called the Vanishing Isles. She teamed up with Captain Ted to prevent oil tycoons from taking over her islands.

She has no powers, but is strong enough to swim through a typhoon, can kill a shark easily, and is a knowledgeable mariner.



South Sea Girl in her first appearance.

  • Alani's adventures were re-printed at Ajax-Farrell under three different identities: in two issues of Voodoo, she was called El'Nee and, in one, she was called Adana. In the last three issues of the series, however, she was re-named Vooda and the book's title was changed to match.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Seven Seas Comics #1-6

Silver Age Appearances

  • Fantastic Adventures #17

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