Space Man
Space man 2

Real Name

Ian Stannard

First Appearance

Four Color Comics #1253 (1962)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jack Sparling

Silver Age Origin

Rocket ace Ian Stannard was known as the Space Man. Accompanied by his 14-year-old sidekick, Space Academy student Johnny Mack, they blasted off from Cape Canaveral in their space ship, the Flyin' Jenny II. This mission was to find and destroy what had prevented Moon exploration for the last decade. They succeed and continue to explore the depths of space.

Ian's girlfriend was Mary Lansing who was also a famous pilot.

Silver Age Appearances

  • Space Man #2-10 (9-10 are re-prints)
  • Four Color Comics #1253


  • While all Four Color and Space Man issues produced before 1964 are public domain since they were not renewed, issue 8 and the re-print issues 9 and 10 of Space Man may be copyrighted.

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