Space Patrol

Real Name

Space Patrol

First Appearance

Space Patrol (1950 TV series)

Original Publisher

ABC television

Created by

Mike Moser, Norman Jolley, Lou Huston


Space Patrol is a law enforcement agency for the "United Planets", an interplanetary government based on Terra.

Space Patrol personnel

Space Patrol foes

Space Patrol allies

  • Dextra Lara
  • Governor Lara
  • Baron Basto
  • President of Hecuba
  • Daughter of President of Hecuba
  • Doctor to President of Hecuba

Space Patrol Uniforms

  • Officer uniforms are Red with white insignia on a black background.
  • Alternate uniforms displayed as green overalls over red with green background for insignia.
  • Battle gear consists of Red shirts and pants with blue/gray helmets.

Space Patrol Operations

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Patrol #1-2
  • Space Patrol ABC channel, KECI TV show
  • Space Patrol radio show

Space Patrol ships


  • The comic book and radio show stories tie directly to the Space Patrol television series from 1950-55, of which Buzz Corry, Happy, and the Lady of Diamonds were also regular characters.
  • The television show is also in the public domain, according to the Festival Films list of PD material.

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