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Real Name

Sparkington J. Northrup

First Appearance

Blue Beetle #14 (1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Charles Quinlan


The Occasional Loyal Boy Sidekick. Sparkington J. Northrup was an American orphan who was adopted and raised by Lord Wellington of Suppleshire, England. He became Blue Beetle's boy sidekick in August of 1942, after he was sent back to America on his adopted father's behest. He wore a simplified version of Beetle's costume and originally called himself Sparky but was later known as Spunky. In November 1942 Sparky vanished from the strip.

Sparky did return. While thousands of children were being evacuated from England to the United States to protect them from threats from Europe, Sparky would make the opposite journey. Now known by the nickname of Spunky, he faced the front lines of the war alongside Dan Garret who was then working as a special intelligence operative.

During this period, Spunky abandoned his costumed identity but remained the Blue Beetle's sidekick, working in civilian clothes alongside his costumed mentor.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Blue Beetle #14 (advertisement only), 18-30

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