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Real Name

Tom Hallaway

First Appearance

Crack Comics #1 (1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Paul Gustavson

Golden Age Origin Edit

Tom Hallaway, a rich playboy, wanted to eliminate crime from the world, so he became the arrow wielding hero known as the Spider, assisted by his valet and sidekick Chuck. The Spider drove a customized car known as the "Black Widow". He was willing to kill his opponents. He had no powers, but he was an expert archer and even had a special arrow used to disarm called the Spider Seal. His villains included Iggie the Yogi, the Crow, the Yellow Scorpion, the Skeleton, Weasel Nolan, and the Falcon.

Golden Age Appearances Edit

  • Crack Comics #1-30

Notes Edit

  • While the golden age version is public domain, all subsequent villainous versions of the character (and his successors) published by DC Comics are NOT.
  • The character is commonly mistaken as "Alias the Spider"; that was the name of his series, but not that of the character.

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